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Barefoot Ted McDonald - 50

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An independent athlete committed to re-discovering primal natural human capacities and encouraging others to do the same.

Having spent the last 10 years focused on mastering barefoot long distance running, BFT now focuses on sharing his insights through speaking engagements, social networking and acting as the Spokesmonkey for LUNA, the adventure sandal company he founded in Seattle.

Many have come to know about him through the pages of Christopher McDougall's best-selling book "Born to Run", a book BFT likes to call his quirky PhD. thesis that he didn't have to write.

Ted has been featured in numerous articles and frequently interviewed. He enjoys sharing his philosophy of running and life to audiences large and small.

As "Barefoot Ted", he has played a major role in defining and popularizing the new/old concept of barefoot running and minimalist footwear to a new generation, being an early adopter of the current trend.

Ted's research and adventures have been regularly shared on his popular blog, Barefoot Ted's Adventures on his Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter. He also hosts an online forum dedicated to minimalist/barefoot running.

These days Ted enjoys spreading the news about his favorite footwear LUNA sandals and telling stories about what he's learned through his adventures. Projects for 2015 include more Barefoot Ted's Adventures "active vacations" in Seattle. 3 day retreats available for up to 6 adults. Pricing starting at $100 per day per person and includeds lodging and shared meals.

And have you heard about BFT's crazy one-wheeled car he to drive through Seattle and around the world? Checkout his passion for solving dense urban human transport with his newest adventure Solowheel Seattle.

facebook | twitter | youtube | gmail | events | coaching

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