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How to Tie Huarache Running Sandals

Huarache Running Sandals inspired by the Tarahumara (Raramuri) Indians of Northern Mexico's Copper Canyon

Please use these photos to learn how to wear huaraches in the traditional way.

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Start with the straps partially adjusted so that your foot will fit nicely into the sandal before tightening.  Snug, but not too tight.
First thing you want to do is adjust all the straps so that they are snug on the foot.  Start at the strap that comes over the top of the foot, then the heel strap (very important), then the side.
Now it is time to start the first wrap around the ankle.  Snug, but not too tight.
Depending on how much strap you have, you will be making several revolutions around your ankle.
Getting a feel for just how snug is right is one of the arts of wearing huaraches.  Practice makes perfect.
Try to keep the wrap slightly above the ankle bone and work up and keep strap untwisted.
Keep wrapping around the ankle until you have about 8 inches of strap left.  You are going to push the end of the strap under the strap that is coming across your foot.
After you push it under, pull it back.  It is now going to go up and over.

I have now brought the strap over the top of the down-coming strap.  See the eye-hole just below my thumb?  We are going to put a loop through there and tighten.

I have made a loop with the end of the strap and have inserted it into the eye-hole.  Now by pushing down from the top and slightly pulling from the side, I am going to tighten this slip-knot.

The finished product after adjusting and tightening.
Here's what you do if you have only a little strap left.  It does not make a slip-knot (the slip-knot being easier to undo), but it is effective.
You do the same thing as with the longer strap going under foot top strap and pulling back.
This time, instead of a loop, you just make a knot.  Finished.

Be sure to checkout my huarache videos for more tips and tricks for wearing huaraches.

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