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Monday, May 14, 2007

These Days with my Dog - Hercules

Smiling Hercules

True Friend

Running Relaxing

Good Buddy

Our Wheels

Home Turf

Rock n' Roll

Easy Street

I un-retired Hercules. We have been doing trail work at the entrance to Hansen Dam East. For us, trail work mostly means picking up any and all trash we might find on our strolls.

Today we collected more boulders for our garden. The VW bumper works great as a boulder collector. We've got a lot of beautiful river rocks around here. My aunt Maylee would love them. She used to paint faces on boulders. I would love to see those again.

Lesson: Keep your trails clean. Walk your dog. Take a picture.


PS. Hercules has been with my family for 8 years now. We got him for Ona's 4th birthday. He spent his first two years on a ranch in Oregon. He is a Lab/Newfoundland mix and is already beyond his prime. I retired him a couple years back because he is so unfriendly to other dogs, especially off-leash dogs. He would attack'em when they'd run up to him. Problem. So, now that he has lost a little more steam, I am taking him out again, and it is already improving his overall health.

Lesson: Keep moving.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Angeles Crest 100 Training Run - Baden-Powell

The Beginning

The End
Photo is of Ken, Jean and me.

Had a great training run this past Sunday. Must have done around 31 miles. Ran out of water. Got lost. Got found and lost again. Threw up. Long story. Ken and I finally made it out...alive, and none-too-worse-for-wear.

A group of Swiss tourists took this photo and a few more. They were amazed at my 40 year old Volkswagen and my FiveFingers shoes.

Best Regards, Barefoot Ted

PS. A big "thank you" to Hal Winton for what he does for all of us involved in the Angeles Crest 100.

The Swiss Rescue Team: Fredy, Lucas and Christian - push start the VW

Vibram FiveFingers after 31 miles of tough trail

1966 VW Beetle, 40 year old car, still going strong

Mt. Baden-Powel, Elevation 9399 ft / 2865 m, second highest in Angeles Forest

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How to transport a Highwheel Bicycle

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Night Running with Hercules (the fat dog)

Hercules is up to 3 miles of mountain running...at night

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