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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Running in Seattle with FeelMax Shoes

Volunteer Park snow run

University of Washington Husky Stadium in the background

Up the Interlaken

Through the park on the way home

Tiger Mountain rocky trail
| Photo by Laura Houston

Excellent feedback through sole - good for balance feel

My dirty, well-used FeelMax Niesas (set for European release June 2009)

1 mm thick puncture-proof sole

Howdy Folks

I am testing out a new shoe from a family owned company in Finland called FeelMax.

See www.feelmax.com (not yet available in the USA)


I have the latest version shipped to me directly from their factory in Thailand.

I am VERY impressed with this shoe and will be writing more in the coming

The version I have has a 1 mm thick sole made out of a Kevlar impregnated material developed by Continental for FeelMax. Amazing stuff.

Mine are VERY easy to get on and off. The feeling is amazingly close to barefoot. 1mm sole is very thin and very durable.



PS. Read more here.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Barefooting in the Snow in Seattle

I have been reading about folks running barefoot in snow for years on Barefoot Ken Bob's Running Barefoot Yahoo Forum, but I have not had many chances to try it myself.

Well, my chance came this week while visiting friends in Seattle. Seattle has been snowed out for an entire week, and I have had several opportunities to go outside in the snow barefoot.

I don't like running barefoot in the snow... It is way too cold if you get the wet, icy snow on your foot! Wish I would have brought my FiveFinger Flows! Now I understand how they would have been VERY useful.

However, I did manage to run exactly one mile barefoot. That is my barefoot snow running limit, my PR. It is actually quite nice to run on packed snow. It's kinda like hard packed sand...just cooler.

I prefer wearing my moccasins in the snow as long as it's not too soggy.


PS. Short distances in the snow is fine and easy...as long as you go from a warm place to a warm place.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Skateboarding and FiveFingers...duh!!!


Thanks to James Peter's of PavedWave.org for inspiring me to reignite my skateboarding passion. Visit his website to read about his amazing feats of long distance skateboarding (known as long-distance-pumping or LDP), including world record 24 hour distance rides. He currently has given me a loaner to use. I am burning it up!!!

The board is a Subsonic Pulse 40, essentially a handmade longboard. It is a magical thing...being able to tranfer pumping motion into forward momentum.

Volunteer Park, Seattle...Pushing

Yes, muscle memory is real. Yes, barefoot is best for balance sports. Yes, Vibram FiveFingers make a lot of sense for skateboarding.

from the www.northwestlongboarding.com forum:

Thanks to Shane and volunteers and sponsors for putting on this event (the Seattle Push Race, May 10th, 2008)

I think I found out about it yesterday (or the day before) from James.

Very inspired by James' pursuit of long distance and 24 hour riding. I enjoy trying to push the envelope. This race and ride was like the 3rd time I had been on a board for any time in over 25 years!!! But I loved it.

I had to take the downhills VERY conservatively because the shoes I had on (Vibram FiveFingers) are paper thin and not great for foot braking. It also turns out I rode the board James let me borrow...backwards!!! Felt a little odd. Oh well. Still made 8th place. Not bad for an old fart like me.

My quads were burning during that race. I definitely need to learn to push with either leg.

Look forward to seeing any photos, especially showing my FiveFinger shoes. I want to send them to the company and suggest they do something about making a skate shoe. I really do think that a lot of flexibility in the foot is good for balance and helps make the foot strong...do what it does best. I really am not a fan of these huge, heavy shoe-boats that are the rage for most skaters these days...at least for pushing on flat surfaces and pumping.

I have a lot to learn about skating these days. I have never seen so many DIFFERENT kinds of boards and wheels and trucks!!! Too much for my old-man head to take in all at once. Some sort of skateboard renaissance seems to be happening.

The downhill and slalom era came and went pretty quickly in my day (mid to late 70s). We got a taste for pools and the world changed and I've got scars and brain damage to prove it...we didn't wear helmets much...

So, thanks again. Hope to be out there riding for 24 hours next month and see if I can break 100 miles or more.

Barefoot Ted

PS. Make sure you ride with a HELMET (I have one now) and other protective gear. It is well worth it. The only downside to skateboarding for older riders is the unfriendly feel of pavement on the falling body!

PSS. The idea of barefooting and skateboarding and FiveFingers is cropping up here and there. Check out this post on the Paved Wave Forum, click here.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Volunteer Park, Seattle - Barefooted

Arigato Noguchi-san - Black Sun

My explorations of Seattle include spending a lot of time in Volunteer Park in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle. It is an ideal playground, even for 43-year-old kids like me. Things to climb, paths to explore, fountains, wading pools, excellent views, balancing bars and friendly people.

Hug Worthy

Upward Path Beckons

Hand Railing Fun (video below)

Tower of Power...Running
(Volunteer Park Water Tower)

Tower's Spiral Stair Master

Up, up, up. Smile. Down, down, down.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Inaugural Dizzy Daze Green Lake 50K & 100K

Barefoot Ted, Barefoot Jon and Barefoot Chris

Very impressed with Barefoot Jon's and Barefoot Chris' performance at the inaugural Dizzy Daze Green Lake, Seattle 50k & 100k. Too cold for me!

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