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Thursday, April 02, 2009

MovNat®: Explore Your True Nature™

I worked with Erwan to recreate MovNat's website. I believe that it is the place to keep up-to-date with what is happening with MovNat and to learn a lot more about MovNat's founder, Erwan Le Corre and his upcoming retreats and seminars and soon to be announced level 1 MovNat certification courses.

Erwan Le Corre encourages us to celebrate and affirm our being, our true nature; to celebrate and affirm our connections to the universe and the natural world and to become strong, healthy, happy and free in the process. I couldn't agree with him more.

His message is spreading and is sure to have a major impact on how the world sees the natural movement of humans...or lack thereof.

Enjoy your journey and check out the updated www.MovNat.com

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Hansen Dam Barefoot Training ala Methode Naturelle

Note: I am an extreme and total novice when it comes to MN. Please read the comments to this blog for emails exchanged between me and Erwan Le Corre about MN.

Please visit Erwan's website at methode-naturelle.com

Decided to take my video camera along for my Saturday afternoon run.

In this short video you will see a me running on all kinds of different terrain. I think that it is good to mix it up. Hansen Dam is the perfect training playground to develop your body and mind.

This video shows the beginnings of my interpretation and application of Georges Hebert's Methode Naturelle.

I hope to become a instructor/promoter of his ideas.


PS. Music comes from album PHARAOH OVERLORD The Battle Of The Axehammer (Live) I found at www.aquariusrecords.org

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

FiveFingers Log Board Workout - video

I use the environs of Hansen Dam and the Verdugo Mountains (both are one mile away from my front door, one North the other South) as my testing grounds. I have learned to run barefoot on all the surfaces that nature provides in this area, and that ends up being a lot of different surfaces.

The log board workout is one of my favorites. It can be done barefoot, but it is not nearly as much fun when you have to worry about splinters. With my FiveFingers on, I can surf the logs, i.e., log-boarding!



PS. I hope to soon get some video footage of another throwback to early skateboarding. Remember skateboarding in washes? Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

FiveFingers Tight-Rope

You ask, "what can I do in those FiveFingers that I can't do in my regular running shoes?"

My answer: "This!"

The FiveFingers let your feet do what feet do, i.e., really flex, really feel, and still get the bonus of a little protection which goes a long way in some environments...like jumping down onto rocks, or if you go the wrong way, onto yucca and cactus!


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