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Monday, January 21, 2008

Rose Bowl 45 Miler - OC100K Training - KSO's

Spent the last two Sunday's running around the famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Last week did 30 miles, this week 45. Why? I am training for the OC 100K on February 16th.

Vibram's latest FiveFingers called KSO's are my favorite so far

I am very impressed with Vibram's latest creation, the FiveFinger KSO (Keep Stuff Out). I have been testing prototypes since the summer 2007. I have been testing the production model for nearly a month, and I love it. It will be available starting March this year. Go to www.VibramFiveFingers.com for more details.

For long runs, longer than 10 miles, I wear my Injinji socks, otherwise I start having chaffing problems in the arch of my foot, perhaps from too much flexing. The Injinjis prevent that by covering over the rough area at the seam within the FF.

I ran the 45 miles in 7 hours and 42 minutes, about the pace I need to achieve for the 100k (62 miles) in order to qualify for the Greek Spartathlon in 2009. Running so far in the middle of the day requires careful preparation. Every 3 miles I stopped and refilled my water bottle with electrolytes or my own sports nutrition drink (maltodextrin, soy protein and Green Magma) along with a few gels. Winter in California is nice, but can be quite warm in the direct sunlight. But I ain't complaining!

The electrolytes that I am using are a little secret I learned from Jorge & Mari Pacheco. It is a rehydration powder that NGO's give to refugee camps to prevent dehydration from illness. I did some research and found the powder and had to order a huge amount, but I love it and the price ends up being lower than many of the other popular electrolyte supplements offered to ultrarunners.

Rehydration ingredients per liter (which are regulated by UNICEF):
Sodium Chloride: 3.5 grams
Potassium Chloride: 1.5 grams
Trisodium Citrate, dihydrate: 2.9 grams
Glucose Anhydrous: 20.0 grams

Notice my igloo in the background. Had my cold electrolyte drink ready every 3 miles.

This feels SO good after running SO far.

PS. I started taking Iyengar Yoga classes last week and look forward to reporting my findings in upcoming blogs.

PSS. Missed a yoga retreat today and am sorry that I did. Thought I would finish sooner (by starting sooner), but it wasn't to be.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007



Thanks to Luis Escobar and Friends for putting on a great race this year.

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to put 50+ miles of toughness into a 35 mile slice? Nine Trails does it.

You can read all you want about how much climbing and descending you will encounter on this mighty course, but you can never understand until you taste it, taste the 10,500 feet of elevation gain and loss in 35 miles.

I tasted it. Me like.

What you can only appreciate by being up in those rugged mountains is the view, looking down into the Santa Barbara bay, looking out over a wide ocean with distant Channel Islands siloutted against the horzion.

California at its best. High beauty.

The trails were often very steep and slippery.

There were SO many different textures and footings.

And I felt them, all of those textures, and for me, mostly, they felt wonderful.

I wore an upcoming Vibram FiveFinger shoe nicknamed KSO (Keep Stuff Out). It is similar to the FF Sprint, but it has a top foot cover.

Photo by Scott Dunlap of A Trail Runner's Blog

My KSOs along with a pair of black Injinji toe socks made the running of this race very comfortable for me.

However, when you run with FiveFingers on rugged trails, you must think:

Every step (every single step) must be made consciously.

You will perfect this skill more and more, because your foot will get tired of feeling the pain of kicking things.

My feet felt as if I were running on the hard-packed low tide sand at the beach...with a lot of obstacles.

My feet and legs feel fine today. But keep in mind, I stayed in control the whole race and ran very conservatively since I had never been on the course before.

Time 9.21. 40th out of 80 finishers, 108 starters.

Highly recommended, and do attend the pre-race dinner at the Savoy Cafe the night before the race. I have never enjoyed such wonderful pre- and after- race food. Quality healthful delicious food.


PS. Big thanks to Luis Escobar, el Coyote. Thanks to Deb getting me to SB, getting me a place to stay and getting home. Greatly appreciated. And thanks to Marina for hosting us, and Andy, thanks for that beer!

PSS. It was great to see Gary Hilliard up and about. Keep moving forward!!!

Thanks Deb, and thanks Marina

Trail friends

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Angeles Crest 100 - 27 Hours

Running down the El Prieto Trail, less than 4 miles from finish

A BIG thank you to Vibram for letting me run in some prototype FiveFingers and Green Foods for Magma Plus which I know had something to do with a 5 hours+ improvement on my time compared with last year!

At the award ceremony

Coming into Islip photo by Christina Hennessey

Thanks to Wild Mountain Runner founder Freddie Perez for giving me a ride to Wrightwood and support during the race. Big thank yous to Arturo Valdez and Jose Hernandez who paced me from Chilao. Thanks to Chris Rios, Deb Clem and Sunny Blende for aid station support...it helped a lot.

Coming into Buckhorn photo by Christina Hennessey

More to come...

Video of me entering 52 mile checkpoint

My report to the Ultra group:

Howdy Folks

I surprised myself big time this weekend.

My goal was to finish better than last year.

Last year's goal was simple: to finish...alive.

Last year's time: 32:16 This year: 27:00


Prerace: pizza and beer with Freddie Perez in Wrightwood. Two
Newcastles and 7 pieces. Also, spaghetti dinner.

Sleep: not so good at the Methodist Camp in same building as the
visiting Tarahumara along with Chris Rios and John Radich. Only slept
a little, but Jenn Shelton visited me in my dreams, so can't complain.

This year I ran in two different prototype FiveFingers that cover the
entire foot preventing crap from getting in the shoe. I had NO chance
to test the shoes before the race. I also wore Injinji socks borrowed
from Robert Andrulis as I left mine at home. These helped me

Finally had a chance to wear my Dirty Girl gators, and my Moeben
sleeves that Gary Hilliard threw at me as a prize as I was leaving the
Mt. Disappointment post-race party. Both were extremely effective
although Ken Hamada said I looked unusual, i.e., like a freak.

Nutrition. This year I used drop boxes. I prepared my own powder
using a mixture of malto dextrin, soy protein, Green Foods Green
Magma, E-Caps powder and Chia seeds.

GU: 2 an hour

Watermelon at many aid stations.

Progresso Chicken soup, drank cold out of the can 2 times, trick
learned from Flaco Mendoza.

Idlehour aid station: solid food and Miso soup. Thanks Joe. This is
the place to stop and eat at mile 82.

Pacers from Chilao to Chantry and Chantry to finish, Wild Mountain
Runners Arturo and Jose.

BFT, Freddie and Arturo at the finish

A lot of help from my friends.


PS. I leave for Greece on Saturday, filming and crewing for Scott.

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