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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Downtown LA, Grittith Park in Background

Downtown LA in Background (middle left) and Griffith Park (middle right)
How things look from the top of the Verdugo Mountains above Burbank.

Spent the last two days testing out a newly modified pair of Vibram FiveFingers that I plan on using during the upcoming Angeles Crest 100. I sent in my check today, so I am official.

Saw two deer on this run, one yesterday. Yesterday I also saw one of the largest rattlesnakes I have ever seen in these local mountains. He was extremely calm at my approach. When you're a big snake, you don't have much to worry about. Beautiful to behold.

I have custom modified my FiveFingers. I am still testing them to determine if I have come with a real solution for some of the moisture problems I have had in runs over 30 miles in hot weather.


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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nike Podcast Interviews at Griffith Park

Photos by Ona McDonald

Today many of us Wild Mountain Runners were interviewed for a Nike sponsored podcast featuring running groups from all over the country.

We were joined by the famous Barefoot KenBob of RunningBarefoot.org

Some runners did not participate, because they thought that their endorsement contracts did not allow them to be in a Nike sponsored film, even though it was not a ad. I thought that was strange, but more room for us hams to yap.

After the group interview, they also interviewd me about ultra running (which I am new at). They decided to use the backdrop of my infamous 1966 VW Beetle. I proudly wore my Clif Bar visor and my Vibram FiveFingers jersey, shoes and shorts.

Any inspiration I can give, I will give. Hopefully it is not all hot air!

Best Regards, Barefoot Ted

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Griffith Park Thanksgiving 2005

Some, but not all, Gatos on Turkey Day 2005

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Griffith Park Barefoot Running with Fellow Gatos

Some of the GP Gatos & Friends

San Fernando Gatos assemble for an after run refreshment

Perfect November weather, actually a little on the hot side.

Most of the San Fernando Gatos did the Lake run 14+ miles. Chris and I did a couple 10 mile trail loops with Guillermo and Flaco. Guillermo Medina came in 1st place this year at the Angeles Crest 100. He did it in 19:33. I remember seeing both Guillermo and Flaco arrive at the 81 mile aid station still looking fresh. I think that he has been second several times. This year was his first win. Truly great trail runner. Had a chance to hear about some of his training techniques. All very useful information hopefully leading to a successful completion of the AC 100 next year.

Guillermo says that he often does 3 of these 10 mile loops on Sundays at Griffith Park. I may make it a habit leading up to the Avalon Benefit 50 Mile Run on January 14th, 2006. I need to run it in order to qualify for the AC 100.

Best, Barefoot Ted

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Griffith Park Gatos Gather - Labor Day Weekend 2005

Sunday September 4th, 2005

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--Barefoot Ted

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Gatos Assemble at Griffith Park

click to enlarge

Another beautiful running day in Los Angeles. Look forward to more updates and running schedules in the near future.

Best, Your Gato Friend, Barefoot Ted

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