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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Badwater Ultramarathon 2007

Adalberto (Flaco) Mendoza, 11th Place. 32 hours
BFT, Nancy, Jose Luis, Flaco, Emilio, Milton
July 22-25, 2007

This video covers Flaco's race from start to finish.

This video covers Jorge's race from start to finish using Mari's video

Before the Race in Furnace Creek
Jorge, Jose Luis, Emilio, BFT and Flaco.

John Radich (33:08, 15th) at the Award Ceremony

Gary Hilliard (41:43) at the Award Ceremony

Tracy Thomas (37:26 3rd woman) at the Award Ceremony

Jorge Pacheco (26:41 4th) at the Award Ceremony

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Pony Cart Adventures

Photo by Brian Fink

Took my pony cart for some extreme climbing on Sunday. Decided to strap 5 gallons of water (44 pounds) to the cart and pull her up La Tuna Canyon.

I am working hard to figure out the perfect way to pull a cart. Why? Because I want to do next year's Solo Badwater Ultramarathon self-supported, like Marshall Ulrich (see here). That means I would carry all my own water and food from the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, Badwater in Death Valley, 282 feet below sea level, all the way to the summit of Mt. Whitney, highest peak in the contiguous USA at 14,496 feet. Total mileage over 140 miles.

I really enjoy pulling the cart. I have created a special harness that has suspenders over my shoulders and a girdle that hugs my hips. When this is fitted just right, it feels good, and pulling is easy for me. Keeping the arms free is key. Also, going up hill is made easier with a walking cane.

This cart opens up all kinds of interesting possibilities for running off-road in the desert.


Pony Cart Transport Vehicle

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Crewing at the Badwater Ultramarathon 2006

"GAWD is in the desert...and he wants to KILL you so that you will rediscover that you are ALIVE!" BFT

Crewing for Luis Escobar | 2006 Badwater Ultramarthon: The Toughest Foot-Race in the World | Death Valley, CA

Spent the last three days in crewing for Luis (El Coyote)

El Mono and El Lobo | Badwater, CA | 2006 Badwater Ultramarat

On top of crew vehicle pointing...navigating.

At Whitney Portal with Ben Jones, Badwater Legend

At the finish line after 36 1/2 hours

With Luis the morning after the race.

With Deb Clem at Whitney Portal

Big Pancake from Whitney Portal Store.
Thanks CHP Scott!

"Chop wood"

Thanks to everyone for an unforgettable experience.

Been there and seen that. Amazing.

Geof, Tyler, Jen, Billy, Sunny, Randy and Christopher...thanks.

More thanks still to Luis for giving us a chance to push ourselves to our own limits. Watching the particles break off as atoms smash and then miraculously recombine. An honor.



Video of Badwater

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Badwater Micromarathon 0.189393939%

Looking good after 1350 feet...only 711,450 more feet to go..

In honor of all the Badwater Ultramarathoners who run 135+ miles in the desert sun from Death Valley, the lowest point in the USA, to Mt. Whitney, the highest point, I ran about 1350 feet along the same route, or about 0.189393939% of the total! That was enough for me.

Death Valley...pretty in pictures

You really can't appreciate how difficult the Badwater experience is until you go there and FEEL it for yourself.

Best, Barefoot Ted

PS. We saw the first two runners who were part of the Ben Jones Badwater Ultramarathon on the road leading up to the Whitney Portal on our way down on Monday. Can't say I envied them though.

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