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If you are looking for an answer to the question "how can I run better, more efficiently, more joyfully?", I have a potential answer for you...and it is not what you might expect.

My philosophy is simple. Self-experimentation is key. Find your own path. Share what you discover. Repeat.

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I can teach you how to run barefoot: smoothly, efficiently and joyfully.

Research suggests that many can benefit from learning how to run more efficiently and gently. Some feet need more freedom to tune themselves and gain strength. Rely on good form, quick cadence and gentle landings rather than the whims of footwear marketers. I want you to strengthen your body and your feet for greater overall health.

My goal is to share secrets about running and living that have worked well for me. I want to encourage others to find their own path by gaining insight from my experiences and from their own experiments in barefooting and primal living.

Let Christopher McDougall's best selling book Born to Run be your introduction to who I am and why I think the way I do. He does a fantastic job of outlining why I run started training barefoot and offers some compelling reasons why you might want to add barefoot training to your health regime too.


A Wonderful New Perspective
My son and I just completed an intro session and walked away, barefoot and beaming. I am nearing 50 and had not run in eternity and my son is only 12. We each gained such wonderful insights into running. Ted is indeed a passionate runner and patient teacher who managed to share lessons on movement, both on pavement and through life. This is a wonderful way to reconnect with the concept of running and and our place on the planet as well!

Duncan and Joan
Expanding the running years!
After running for almost thirty years and enduring just about every injury in the "book", I get it now! Ted's Intro to Barefoot Running session sets you straight - run correctly and know that you will run virtually injury free for many, many years! His enthusiasm is contagious, and, given his achievements, he "walks (and runs) the talk" - barefoot of course. We have discovered a renewed joy in an activity we have always loved and in addition, running in VFFs is just plain cool! Thx BFT!!! BFT with Edgar


Barefoot in the Park
Ted reminds me of the teacher who always had a gleem in his eye as he brought a new experience to the class each day. He was full of energy for the entire session and you can tell that he was just itching to share more information with you. Honestly, I would have liked to have spent much more time with Ted. That said, the single session was just perfect because he boiled things down to three key concepts. Now I have a place to start over.


All the tools you need to get started
Ted gave me the perfect introductory lesson in barefoot running. Although he had a lot of information to share -- all of it interesting and worthwhile -- he was very careful to leave me with concrete takeaways that I can apply to assess and improve my running going forward. And he didn't push at all for a follow-up or more lessons. Excellent, highly recommended for anyone who walks or runs.


An Inspiration
Ted is really on to something here - and the bare feet are just the beginning. A guy who runs with the Raramuri, runs Leadville and then coaches a few days later, swims four miles, held a skateboarding world record, rides a high wheel bike, and more - well, he has a lot to offer. I had a tough time deciding if I should restrict my chatter only to running. Ultimately, we stuck mostly with running - and Ted has unwittingly helped eliminate back pain and he has renewed my passion for the sport.


Totally Worth It
I set up the class with Ted as a pre-cursor to ever running barefoot in hopes of getting some tips to help prevent injury during the transition to Barefooting... Ted was extremely helpful. I would recommend reading Born to Run prior to the class as it helps generate conversation and get through some of the super basics. The exercises and tips that Ted provided are great for everyone... and I'm really looking forward to his upcoming movement classes.


Running Barefoot is Awesome!!
A buddy from work informed me about the benefits of barefoot running and Ted's website. I used Ted's website for research and proper technique, and I started running barefoot and loved it. The one on one lesson with Ted was very informative, and gave me confidence to continue in this new adventure. Ted is a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and his true passion for running really shows during the exercises.


Well Worth It
The specific exercises taught and the ideas shared can be applied to all runners - not just die hard barefooters. Anyone interested in running longer, more efficiently and injury-free could benefit from this session. It was a great to run side-by-side with Ted, to pick his brain, and to have my form assessed and critiqued by such an authority. I'm beginning to understand that barefoot running is not simply running without shoes, but a new (or perhaps renewed) way of understanding our bodies.


Absolutely Amazing
Ted's motto of " One foot at a time. One sole at a time. One hell of a good time." is exactly what I had. Ted had me take my shoes off while he watched and listened to me run. He explained to me how the noise I was making was wasted energy. We ran over smooth concrete, concrete with smooth stones, asphalt, dirt, grass, metal deck and crushed stone. Ted then showed me an exercise that would help me to plant my feet quietly and improve my balance. The evaluation and coaching were outstanding.


Great barefoot session!
This was a great session with Ted! He is very thorough and gave great tips and tricks to becoming a more efficient runner, whether barefoot or shod. Of course, learning barefoot is the most effective means, but I was able to take some tips I learned on a run the next day - with shoes on. I highly recommend a session - I am a ChiRunning instructor and this is a great complement to that style!


Jon and Lynne
Introduction: Direct, Straightforward and Understandable
My wife and I were very pleased with the introduction session. It was structured well and gives enough focus on the critical points and avoids overwhelming with too much or complex detail. The excercises were very helpful and we left with confidence that we will do well in running barefoot.


Return of Hope
I had given up running due to repeated, prolonged injuries and listening to the "common knowledge" that running is hard on the body and that at some point you have to give up. Ted's great techniques, storytelling and tips have made me a happy, self-sufficient barefoot runner (with much still to practice), and I am incredibly thankful!


Fantastic session!
My husband, myself and my 82 year old mother-in-law thoroughly enjoyed our session with Ted. After running for years and getting more and more injured I had really backed off. I began experimenting with barefoot running about 7 months ago. I also read "Born to Run", which led me to Ted's website. Ted was so informative and enthusiastic. He answered all of my many questions. I would definitely recommend a session.


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